On the road

I know a lot of people are trying to reach me right now - and I will get back to you!! June is fully booked with travels - first in Malawi, and currently I'm in China. I'm with amazing people doing wonderful work. More updates when I return - and replies to your messages/requests!

Speak soon!

Reminiscence film - it's LIVE!

I'm very excited to share with you my latest dancefilm. Inspired by the music of Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds, bringing together nine professional dancers through the magic of improvisation. I'll be doing a longer post about the long process from idea to final result later - but for now, please enjoy this - and share it if you like what you see.

More to come..

60 Seconds of Dance...

...actually "60 seconds of utter madness" might be a more correct title - but then again, "Tango Absurdo" kind of says that - just in a nicer wrapping :) For the second time around Gunilla, Shuli and I decided to make a short film for the good guys over at 60 Seconds Dance - and we'd love to show it to you!

Every time I work with Gunilla and Shuli I'm reminded of the importance of just playing and having good playmates! In perfect Narnia style we seem to enter a very real imaginary world where things are invented as our adventures evolves. It's like finally reclaiming the tiniest corner of childhood carelessness where good times don't need any purpose or goal, it just IS. So I hope this short film reflects some of this joy, at least for the next 60 seconds...

More soon!

An update on dance - or about pursuing (far) goals

Back in 2013 dance entered my mind. Not as a cultural event or an evening out (and by all means not for me to dance - that would be a disaster for everyone...) - but as a creative goal! I was so incredibly drawn to the seeming opposites of dance living through motion and photography being the attempt to stop motion. It's a marriage meant for drama and extremes - and I liked it! :)

I had little idea of how to pursue my new quest, so I started by making some still images - comfort zone stuff, but enough to figure I was on to something - I just couldn't define it further than that. For a long time nothing happened...

Fast forward to 2014. Two dancers (and by now very dear friends) approached me and wanted to shoot a movie for a dancefilm competition. "Sure thing!" I heard myself reply, without having the slightest idea what I was getting into - but I felt the borders of comfort zones coming closer, and took it as a good sign. After all, most of my projects and adventures have started this way :) Before I knew it, I had spent three hours in a studio with these two incredibly dancers, Shuli Nordbek Azoulay and Gunilla Lind, and I was overly excited! Excited about what was happening, excited about the result we were aiming for - but mostly excited about the equal creative process taking place on both sides of the camera! It was SO amazing.

The result of that night became the short film "Even Then We'll Still Pretend", and it was very well received as I've written about in earlier posts

Now, december 2015/January 2016, I'm involved in four different dancefilm projects, two more are in various stages of planning, and one more have been ordered! I would say that's pretty incredible - and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm so happy and thankful for the people around me on this journey - I have no idea where it will end, but for me this - the journey - is the good part. It's scary and exciting - and very much the marriage of drama and extremes - and I still like it! Below I've included af few production snaps from along the way these last many months. I'm really looking forward to showing you the final products as they come down the line this spring.

Thanks for stopping by. More to come...

Early mornings

Riding through the city early in the morning, as in 5am-early, is such a pleasure! The city sleeps, and the rhythm is dreamy and beautiful. Today that's how my day started as I headed north to start the next part of my current dancefilm project - classical ballet! I was meeting up with Juliette Schaufuss - such a talented dancer, and brave enough to take on this first classical part (AND dipping in the freezing waters!!). I'll be posting a longer update on the project later this week, but for now - enjoy these snaps from an early morning on the beach...

The things we don’t talk about...

It seems there are two types of photographers in this world; wedding photographers and all the rest! All the rest are very busy talking about how they DON’T do weddings, ever! - because somehow that field has gotten a reputation of being lame and corny. There’s a bit of truth in that, I think we’ve all seen our share of over-posed and over-processed wedding pictures - my goodness, yes! But I would also know a handfull of extremely talented artist that can transform a wedding into something far greater than cheesy poses and bad Photoshop.

It’s probably no surprise that I belong to “the other” category. I don’t shoot weddings, and I don’t have a great desire to do them. But the truth is that every single photographer I know have at some point been asked the question. We all have family and friends - and at one point or another they tend to get married, and then the obvious question comes. It usually starts something like “…ehm, we know you don’t do weddings, but we were wondering if you could help us with some images anyway…?” and BOOM the beast is out! What can you say? It’s your best friends, it’s your sister, it’s your wife’s cousin sitting in front of you - however you imagined saying “No thank you" - you’re gonna end up being the bad guy… Not cool, right?

And so all of us who don’t shoot weddings end up shooting a wedding… Irony of life right there. If you’re a professional photographer - I challenge you to tell me you haven’t been there! ;)

And yes, this past weekend, two of my dear friends did indeed get married - and for a long time they hadn’t asked the question, and I was starting to think that maybe I would ride under the radar. Three days before the wedding, the call came…

After the usual freaking out and claiming it’s so far from what I do and want to do, I got my head together and starting putting together ideas of telling the story of two important people. But hey, wait - isn’t that what all us “I-never-shoot-weddings” photographers do all the time? Tell stories…? Hmm, food for thought. Well here’s a journey down my (alternative) wedding path this weekend. 

I don’t like clean shots, never have, never will! I like the imperfections of life - and moreover - the imperfections of people. So that’s my starting point for most of my images. That also means shooting straight lenses at an event like this is a no-go. Bended, distorted, beautiful life moments is my safe place. For this session I used a magic combination of tilt-shift lenses, old TLR’s with a matte-plate to die for and many other combos that break up ordinary lines and habits. Here are a few of my personal favourites…

More portraits with artist Jan Oksbøl Callesen

A couple of years back I did an editorial portrait session from the studio and home of my good friend and artist Jan Oksbøl Callesen - you can catch that series >here<.

For an upcoming exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark, he needed new images that focussed more on his person than his work - and so off we went to the backyard of my studio. Simple stuff, with loads of character. Here are a few frames from the series... (Ah yes, then this was also my first time shooting through a CCTV system - see bottom of post. Great fun!)

Jan Oksbøl Callesen by Kasper Nybo Photography 1
Jan Oksbøl Callesen by Kasper Nybo Photography 2
Jan Oksbøl Callesen by Kasper Nybo Photography 3
Jan Oksbøl Callesen portrait by Kasper Nybo Photography-5
Jan Oksbøl Callesen portrait by Kasper Nybo Photography-6

Celebrating (and shooting) Pride

For the love of all things I just can't get my head around how some people can get so worked up about so called "gay issues" around the planet. Seriously - why?! Come on! Two guys walk down the streets in Moscow and get the "alien invasion" looks or plain physical aggressions. Same thing right in the heart of NYC. What's that about?! What is this urge to put people back in their place if we feel like the step out of some sort of norm? On another scale it's a bit like when I ride my bike and cross a sidewalk, some people get so offended they feel they just HAVE to correct me. Do I really need your opinon on my biking? Let it be - ok! Just leave it in peace and stop judging, from whatever perspective you might have.

And NOW with that off my chest - on to the good part :-) Copenhagen Pride Parade here we come! So this is the fifth year I'm doing street portraits at the parade. It's always great, messy, loud and hectic - ah and did I mention beautiful! The previous years have been very fast paced for me, catching moments and unposed expression - and I love the spontaneous and raw looks you get from that style of shooting. This year however, I wanted to do something different. Something more calm and reflected.

I brought out the big lights and brought along good friend and photographer Balder from MadMan Factory. Together we built a simple studio (on the roadside barriers). Here is the setup, in a side-alley next to the staging area for the parade trucks. Simple stuff, right? Simple is good!


After a few test shots, things heated up fast as the place was crawling with people preparing themselves and their trucks. The challenge in this situation is not finding a subject with character that runs deeper than a funny outfit - but giving them a place to breathe and rest in an inferno of noise and impressions. And THAT challenge is the reason I keep returning - when it becomes something else than a parade of dress-ups or someone having a view of life that might differ from yours (or mine). It becomes about people. Plain and simple - and it becomes about what I do everyday as a professional photographer - documenting peoples life in a respectful way.


I do my street shooting to push myself and allow others to push me, as many of you know I've been running the Sploosh.dk platform for several years now - entirely focussed on people on the streets and places with character. If you want to see more like this, head over there and have a look. And at last here are a couple of the final portraits from the 2015 Copenhagen Pride Parade:

Thanks for reading. More news soon...



New review

From my good friends at Red Cross Denmark I was just notified of a review done by “Folkeskolen” professional journal for primary school educators in Denmark. They are giving high praise of the magazine “Act KLUNS” that I helped visualise with images of two fantastic people: Alma and Viggo. I’ve blogged about this magazine previously and you can catch that - and more images of Alma and Viggo right here.


Thanks to Folkeskolen for the review and appreciation of the entire team - writers, designers, editors etc. It was a great pleasure working with you once again! If you’re a teacher interested in the material for your class (in Danish only) get in touch with Røde Kors Skoletjeneste here

Click image to read full review...

Click image to read full review...

When images marry music

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an old friend. It’s been at least 10 years since I last saw composer Ejnar Kanding, but in the meantime I haven’t stopped being inspired by his music. His sound reside in the borderlands between modern classical and ambient electronics. It’s an often surreal adventure, but one that has a purpose. Much like my love affair with the abstract and the distorted - my endless hunt for the perfectly imperfect.


Ejnar had seen my travelseries from Svalbard, and immediately saw it as the visualisation of his work "Berge des Urleids" (Ursorgens Bjerge) - it’s a hard edged ice cold piece of music, and I could do nothing than agree that the two together would be a fantastic match. We figured the details and wrapped the beautiful LiteraturHaus in Copenhagen in icy winter tones and visual. Thank you Ejnar - it was a beautiful beginning of future collaborations!


You can listen to the entire piece on Soundcloud below (or here if embedded player doesn't load for you), and watch a small video exerpt from the concert - performed by amazing violinist Helianne Blais. (Appologies for the bad quality - it's a grap from my Periscope stream.) also be sure to check out my full series from Svalbard by clicking the image at the bottom.


More to come..

Svalbard by Kasper Nybo - click to see full series...

Svalbard by Kasper Nybo - click to see full series...

Looking for you?


Dear friends, as many of you know I'm currently looking for a business manager/developer/partner to take things further with - it might be an all-in-one person, it might be different people. I haven't found the right match yet and wanted to share it with you now because you might have the missing link! If you know someone you think I should have a chat with - please let me know, ok? Thanks!

Becci Manson on healing scars after the Japan tsunami 2011

Wow, I just saw this fantastic TED Talk by Becci Manson, a photoshop retoucher who volunteered in the aftermath of the Japan tsunami in 2011. I want to share it with you because that disaster - as many of you know - is very close to my heart. I worked there for two weeks, creating images for three amazing organisations. Like Becci I was struck by the immense amount of printed photos I saw in the rubble - and I was touched by the delicate care that was taken in bringing these tiny sheets of paper out of the mud and back to the evacuation centers. When you’re walking knee-deep in mud that goes on for miles and miles - what are the chances that one piece of paper makes it back to the hands of the owner? Well, thanks to Becci, I now know that at least some of them did. Amazing work Becci - and thanks for sharing!

Below the video you’ll find two images from my Survivors feature story - showing one of the piles of photos collected from the mud, and to set the scale of what it means to find these needles in the haystack - take a look at the last picture from the city of Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture.

Ishinomaki, Japan, 2011. In the corner of yet another evacuation center, in a pile of orphaned photos and notes found in the mud and debris, a newlywed couple stares into a future turned upside down. Their frame and glass still covered in dry mud from a disaster hitting like a lightning from the sky.

Ishinomaki, Japan, 2011. In the corner of yet another evacuation center, in a pile of orphaned photos and notes found in the mud and debris, a newlywed couple stares into a future turned upside down. Their frame and glass still covered in dry mud from a disaster hitting like a lightning from the sky.

A Statue Of Liberty copy stretches her torch towards a dark sky, she remains as one of the few standing structures on this island in the river that cuts through Ishinomaki.

A Statue Of Liberty copy stretches her torch towards a dark sky, she remains as one of the few standing structures on this island in the river that cuts through Ishinomaki.

Thanks for reading. More to come...

New travel series from the streets of Paris

For my travel photography I've just released a new series from the streets of Paris. If you havne’t seen it already you can catch up HERE, or click the image below:

I started shooting this series in 2012, but have never had the time or opportunity to publish the images before now. This series was produced over the course of 8 days in November 2012, during a long series of walks through the streets of Paris. Shooting was done day and night, under and above ground, on the boulevards and in the gutter. I shot most images while working on material for a fine-art exhibition on social challenges in Europe, exhibited in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, January 2013. Parts of the series is still in progress as I continue to work with some of the people I met on streets. More to come…

Our dance film just got shortlisted - and we need your help!

Remember the 60second dance film we did a while back? It's been part of an international dancefilm competition and a few weeks ago it was shortlisted as part of the top30 selcection out of 272 entries from 49 countries! Well, now we've entered the final race and got notified yesterday that we're in the top10 shortlist in TWO countries! Thank you Sweden and Denmark! I'm so incredibly happy and proud to have come this far with the amazing dancers Shuli Nordbek Azoulay and Gunilla Lind!

And now we need YOUR help! The jury is currently selecting the final official winner ahead of an awardshow in April - and we're eagerly awaiting their descission! But there will also be an Audience Award, and you can vote TWICE (once for each country nomination), so please head over to www.60secondsdance.com/films/#vote and vote for "And Even Then We'll Still Pretend" under Sweden and Denmark. 

Thanks so much friends! We've embedded the film below, in case you should feel like getting that smile back on your face :)

You can also go back and see our original post about the film and go behind the scenes here.

Real life Mad Men

Crème Brûlée, old cameras and good company. Collage by Lars Gundersen

Crème Brûlée, old cameras and good company. Collage by Lars Gundersen

When I recently started bringing together my different business platforms I quickly realised I would need help doing it. I sent out a cry for help to two special people and they both jumped on board. Little did I know that I had just hired the crew of Mad Men - Don Draper himself, in person of creative director Jesper Munch Toldam and dataevangelist Harry Crane personified by digital marketing consultant Lars Gundersen.

I’m a firm believer of starting good relations over a good meal, and so I went cooking and we kicked-off brainstorming ideas and aligning thoughts 

As I worked with Jesper on defining a name that wouldn’t limit me, I was continuously amazed on his seemingly never ending onslaught of clever word structures. It was such an eyeopener to just watch him “do his thing”. Doing his thing means taking my drafts, distilling them into tiny drops of lofty - but still clear cut descriptions of my work. He did it naturally and without sacrificing relevant angles or cutting corners.

When Lars went to work on the SEO side of the new website, it was a bit like being in the gym with pro-athlete Rikke Hørlykke (talk about aching body! But that’s a different story). The continous headline seemed to be “Google is a bitch, but she’s all worth it!” - and there is indeed all sorts of truth in that statement. And so Lars sent to work on counting characters, descriptions, tags and, o yes, made me realise the importance of updating information on 450+ images around the site - manually. Talk about fun nights there!

So as much as I am thankful and highly recommending these two extraordinary people and their skills, the broader lesson for me as a startup is to seek help early! I’ve talked to so many passionate people building their business, and heard all of their concepts and plans of building a life around their ideas - and I’ve seen as many failing. Believe me, I’ve had my share of failed business ideas, but it might very well come down to the fact that we often sit around massaging our ideas and concepts for so long on our own that we forget the all important reality-check! So what I do now is to involve other people at a much earlier stage that I have before, and it’s such a mind-blowing difference. So please, get your great ideas out there - now! - and let competent people kick them around, beat them up and knock them down (and yes it hurts!) - if you’re still left standing with a good idea after that, it might very well BE a good idea - and not just in your head. So as an entrepreneur I urge you to go and find your own cast of Mad Men, and let them take you for a ride!

Of course I couldn't help having Jesper and Lars step in front of the old Sinar camera with the 100+ year Petzval lens mounted, for a bit of fun ;)

Of course I couldn't help having Jesper and Lars step in front of the old Sinar camera with the 100+ year Petzval lens mounted, for a bit of fun ;)

Lars on digital with new Petzval lens

Lars on digital with new Petzval lens

Jesper on digital with new Petzval lens

Jesper on digital with new Petzval lens

Jesper on expired Polaroid on Sinar w. old Petzval

Jesper on expired Polaroid on Sinar w. old Petzval

Lars on expired Polaroid on Sinar w. old Petzval

Lars on expired Polaroid on Sinar w. old Petzval

Thank you Jesper and Lars, for a great evening, and for kicking me further down the field. The goal feels a lot closer!