New Tearsheets section!

Last week I had company and help in the office which meant some of those things from the eternal To-Do list moved to the much shorter Done-That list... :) A big thank you to Mathilde for helping me shoot and move some of my published references online!! I've been wanting to do it for ever but in a one-man business there are only so many hours to prioritize from. But now it's started and I'm looking forward to expand it with more productions soon. If you're curious to see some of what I've been up to, click the image below. Thanks for following!

Exhibition opening

Kick-off with the mayor yesterday for new exhibition that will travel around Frederiksberg municipality featuring personal stories from eight volunteers helping others and knitting a closer socially centered community. The small exhibition starts in the main library of Frederiksberg - the largest community centre of the municipality.

New exhibition

If you saw my last post about a new campaign for Frederiksberg Municipality and want to see more of the volunteers and my images, you'll get the chance from November 1. A smaller exhibition with my images will be opened by the mayor of Frederiksberg in the main library of Frederiksberg. I'll be there for the opening ceremony, and the exhibition will run until Nov. 17. Join me if you like :)

Kasper Nybo Frederiksberg udstilling.jpg

New music collaboration

A few years back I did a post on the marriage between images and sounds - when the two blend together and both come out transformed and stronger on the other side. I never got around to post the full video of the collaboration with friend and contemporary composer Ejnar Kanding, but now it's here, in perfect timing to welcome the cold and dark winter times. Enjoy...

New campaign for Frederiksberg Municipality

Volunteers are increasingly becoming the back-bone of a strong public social community. Frederiksberg Municipality have a huge group of volunteers, helping out with almost every imaginable aspect of life. I live in Frederiksberg myself, and it's really fantastic to see the level of attention volunteer work gets. The official municipality wanted to pay tribute to all the good work being done and asked me to create a series of eight posters, thanking the volunteers while increasing their visibility through an outdoor campaign throughout the city. Well done Frederiksberg! Below are the final posters as they've just come out in the street.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival

On tour in Copenhagen today shooting for nothing less than seven of the biggest architecture magazines and blogs right now. Interni (Italy), Abitare (Italy), Architecture à vivre (France), MUUUZ (France), ArchDaily (Mexico), Wallpaper (UK) and Dezeen (UK) had all been invited to take part in the opening of Copenhagen Architecture Festival and especially the world premiere of the new documentary "Big Time" about Danish architect Bjarke Ingels

VOMP trailer #2

Arh we just can't help it. We're doing another trailer for VOMP! At the grace of some very sweet people we headed to the beautiful halls of Royal Copenhagen and set up dancers and gear. I'm SO MUCH looking forward to showing you this production when it's done. A few behind the scenes below..

New campaign for Red Cross + TopToy partnership

Red Cross Denmark is about to launch the campaign "Leg for livet" (Play for life) promoting children's right to a childhood full of laughter and playtime that we unfortunately often take for granted. It's a strong message - and what better partner to help you spread it than TopToy - reaching children all over Scandinavia through their toyshops. So happy to be part of this. 

A few frames from my job capturing kids playing (Yes I know, that job-description IS just very nice) :)

In Beijing, China, with The Royal Danish Ballet

Aaaand I'm off again! This time with my good friends at The Royal Danish Ballet documenting life on the road and behind the curtain. We're 120(!) people in an absolute insane logistical marathon. I'm so in awe of every single person here! More soon, a few selects from the journey so far below.

On the road

I know a lot of people are trying to reach me right now - and I will get back to you!! June is fully booked with travels - first in Malawi, and currently I'm in China. I'm with amazing people doing wonderful work. More updates when I return - and replies to your messages/requests!

Speak soon!

...back in Denmark

Ah this freelance life. Ups and downs - too little work or everything at once. If you've followed along, this is a 'everything-at-once' period... I'm back from Malawi, headed straight to this shoot on a Copenhagen back, and next week it off to China with The Royal Danish Ballet.

But the shoot below is one that I've looked forward to for a long time. Poet and musician Søren Mølstrøm came to me and needed some new press images. Turned out he needed a lot more than just another headshot and I came up with this concept for him, tapping deep into the core of the work his doing: making art relevant to the people! (yeah, there's a lot more to that concept) :)

Anyway enjoy these portraits shot in the softness of a Scandinavian summer night. 

VOMP me up!

At it with again Gunilla Lind. These are the first portraits of much more work to come on Gunilla's next show V.O.M.P - Vanity Of Modern Panic. These girls make me the best kind of happy, ever!! More soon...

Reminiscence film - it's LIVE!

I'm very excited to share with you my latest dancefilm. Inspired by the music of Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds, bringing together nine professional dancers through the magic of improvisation. I'll be doing a longer post about the long process from idea to final result later - but for now, please enjoy this - and share it if you like what you see.

More to come..

I've just been spending the last month with these four!

Four super-hero-strong elderly people fighting their way back to normal everyday-life through rehabilitation programs run by the municipality of Frederiksberg. Really inspiring to tell these stories of kicking back when life, ages or other circumstances sometimes knock you down. And as always a pleasure to roam the streets with partner in crime journalist, Lene Vendelbo. More on these four soon!

60 Seconds of Dance...

...actually "60 seconds of utter madness" might be a more correct title - but then again, "Tango Absurdo" kind of says that - just in a nicer wrapping :) For the second time around Gunilla, Shuli and I decided to make a short film for the good guys over at 60 Seconds Dance - and we'd love to show it to you!

Every time I work with Gunilla and Shuli I'm reminded of the importance of just playing and having good playmates! In perfect Narnia style we seem to enter a very real imaginary world where things are invented as our adventures evolves. It's like finally reclaiming the tiniest corner of childhood carelessness where good times don't need any purpose or goal, it just IS. So I hope this short film reflects some of this joy, at least for the next 60 seconds...

More soon!

An update on dance - or about pursuing (far) goals

Back in 2013 dance entered my mind. Not as a cultural event or an evening out (and by all means not for me to dance - that would be a disaster for everyone...) - but as a creative goal! I was so incredibly drawn to the seeming opposites of dance living through motion and photography being the attempt to stop motion. It's a marriage meant for drama and extremes - and I liked it! :)

I had little idea of how to pursue my new quest, so I started by making some still images - comfort zone stuff, but enough to figure I was on to something - I just couldn't define it further than that. For a long time nothing happened...

Fast forward to 2014. Two dancers (and by now very dear friends) approached me and wanted to shoot a movie for a dancefilm competition. "Sure thing!" I heard myself reply, without having the slightest idea what I was getting into - but I felt the borders of comfort zones coming closer, and took it as a good sign. After all, most of my projects and adventures have started this way :) Before I knew it, I had spent three hours in a studio with these two incredibly dancers, Shuli Nordbek Azoulay and Gunilla Lind, and I was overly excited! Excited about what was happening, excited about the result we were aiming for - but mostly excited about the equal creative process taking place on both sides of the camera! It was SO amazing.

The result of that night became the short film "Even Then We'll Still Pretend", and it was very well received as I've written about in earlier posts

Now, december 2015/January 2016, I'm involved in four different dancefilm projects, two more are in various stages of planning, and one more have been ordered! I would say that's pretty incredible - and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm so happy and thankful for the people around me on this journey - I have no idea where it will end, but for me this - the journey - is the good part. It's scary and exciting - and very much the marriage of drama and extremes - and I still like it! Below I've included af few production snaps from along the way these last many months. I'm really looking forward to showing you the final products as they come down the line this spring.

Thanks for stopping by. More to come...