Shooting a dance film

I have a long standing passion for interpreting dance through photography. There is a certain magic collision between the art of dance - expressed through movements, and photography -  expressed through freezing motion. The seeming contradiction between the two inspires me greatly! So when the incredible talented dancers and choreographers Shuli Nordbek Azoulay and Gunilla Lind approached me to work on a submission for the annual 60secondsdance competition I was ready to go! 
We came up with a concept of turning reality by 90 degrees and use the floor as our wall and in that way defeat gravity and go flying! The three of us share the same exploring approach to our creative work so we locked ourself in a studio and set to work with a shared goal, but sans-direction. 
Three hours later we had laughed so hard that our bellies hurt, and it was time to call it a night. Driving home in the rain I had a big smile on my face, it stayed there over the next days of editing, and it's even bigger now with the final film. It really makes me happy to watch this and I hope you'll feel the same kind of contagious joy of life and dance as you watch this. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

In an act of sudden and explosive madness Weightless grabbed Gravity by the hand and swung her in the air. They danced all night and when the sun came up she whispered in his ear: "Tomorrow I'll fly with you again. Today I'll still pretend."

A few snaps from the studio.

dance film behind the scenes