The hardest part of being a photographer

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(SPOILER: It's not equipment!)


The hardest part of preparing for a shoot is something more essential than technical challenges. It’s not what gear to bring or how to handle hordes of people or a vast emptiness that your photography has to fill. No it's quite simply clothes! Oh my goodness...

I often find myself shooting portraits in places with VERY strong characters, like the crazy 1950s or surrounded by metalheads looking like they're out to kill - and wherever I go, I have to blend in perfectly. Just enough not to stand out, but more than being totally overlooked - and all while being authentic to who I am and how I shoot. HA! To every new-coming photographer; if you can master your environment, you can master anything! Be it f-stops, lenses, lights or whatever is running through your mind before a shoot :)  AAAARGH!!