Our dance film just got shortlisted - and we need your help!

Remember the 60second dance film we did a while back? It's been part of an international dancefilm competition and a few weeks ago it was shortlisted as part of the top30 selcection out of 272 entries from 49 countries! Well, now we've entered the final race and got notified yesterday that we're in the top10 shortlist in TWO countries! Thank you Sweden and Denmark! I'm so incredibly happy and proud to have come this far with the amazing dancers Shuli Nordbek Azoulay and Gunilla Lind!

And now we need YOUR help! The jury is currently selecting the final official winner ahead of an awardshow in April - and we're eagerly awaiting their descission! But there will also be an Audience Award, and you can vote TWICE (once for each country nomination), so please head over to www.60secondsdance.com/films/#vote and vote for "And Even Then We'll Still Pretend" under Sweden and Denmark. 

Thanks so much friends! We've embedded the film below, in case you should feel like getting that smile back on your face :)

You can also go back and see our original post about the film and go behind the scenes here.