When images marry music

A few weeks ago I was contacted by an old friend. It’s been at least 10 years since I last saw composer Ejnar Kanding, but in the meantime I haven’t stopped being inspired by his music. His sound reside in the borderlands between modern classical and ambient electronics. It’s an often surreal adventure, but one that has a purpose. Much like my love affair with the abstract and the distorted - my endless hunt for the perfectly imperfect.


Ejnar had seen my travelseries from Svalbard, and immediately saw it as the visualisation of his work "Berge des Urleids" (Ursorgens Bjerge) - it’s a hard edged ice cold piece of music, and I could do nothing than agree that the two together would be a fantastic match. We figured the details and wrapped the beautiful LiteraturHaus in Copenhagen in icy winter tones and visual. Thank you Ejnar - it was a beautiful beginning of future collaborations!


You can listen to the entire piece on Soundcloud below (or here if embedded player doesn't load for you), and watch a small video exerpt from the concert - performed by amazing violinist Helianne Blais. (Appologies for the bad quality - it's a grap from my Periscope stream.) also be sure to check out my full series from Svalbard by clicking the image at the bottom.


More to come..

  Svalbard by Kasper Nybo - click to see full series...

Svalbard by Kasper Nybo - click to see full series...