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With Nybo Photography, founder and photographer Kasper Nybo seeks to awaken and stir human connection across borders and cultures. In a divided world, he seeks to contribute to stronger unity through better understanding of others’ lives and situations. His images are commissioned by editorial, humanitarian and social organisations as well as government bodies, cultural institutions and private fine-art collectors.


The focus of Nybo Photography is often social and humanitarian stories, but just as often Kasper uses art and culture to communicate and explore deeper emotions that connect us all.


Social & Humanitarian
Social and humanitarian feature stories are where Nybo Photography started. For Kasper it is the exact opposite of starvation, catastrophes and death. More often than not natural disasters rob people of everything but their will to go on, and, though images of people in the process of rebuilding their live might not always be pretty as daisies, they remain some of the most vibrant examples of human spirit.


Arts & Culture
Artists - and especially dancers - also make up a very special part of Kasper’s work, often being the entry point into exploring larger cultural issues in society. This is done through film and art-photography in close collaboration with several small and large-scale cultural institutions and individuals (see References)


Nordic & Arctic explorations
A growing part of Kasper’s focus is the nordic and arctic regions, documenting and exploring heritage, culture and climate impact in these harsh but fragile environments. He is a natural choice as photographer and visual backbone on expeditions within ethnographic, geographic and anthropological research fields.


Regardless of format or platform the core of all projects by Nybo Photography is always the exploration of humanity and the honest portrayal of the open and vulnerable person in front of us.

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