Illustrator & Artist Jan Oksbøl Callesen

by Kasper Nybo Photography


Jan is one of those artists that seem to produce his rich drawings through a perfectly choreographed casual blend of childrens markers, coffee stains and whatever else is needed (and around) to make his colorful work come to life. He's currently working on a new childrens book – currently being translated to English and French, and looking for a good publisher (hint, hint!) – you can catch a few samples at the end of this post.

Thanks Jan for letting me share some of your work, and for inviting me to your home for a couple of hours to shoot these images!

You can explore more of Jans work right here – or make your walls happy and get some of his prints in Butik CMYK

 Jan Oksbøl Callesen in his studio and home.
 Illustrations by Jan Oksbøl Callesen
 The desk of an artist. Jan Oksbøl Callesen at work.
 Drawings by Jan Oksbøl Callesen
 Children markers are for grown-up too! The tools of artist Jan Oksbøl Callesen.
 Album cover by Jan Oksbøl Callesen
 Illustrator & Artist Jan Oksbøl Callesen at work in his studio and home
 Upcoming children's book by Jan Oksbøl Callesen
  Upcoming children's book by Jan Oksbøl Callesen

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