Red Cross Magazine

by Kasper Nybo Photography


Hanging out with Alma and Viggo for the latest edition of Red Cross Denmark nationwide educational material. Such a good collaboration with these two bright and beautiful kids. Viggo introduced me to the world of fashion trough the eyes of a guy that actually cares about his look (yeah!), and Alma took me through her flea-market and secondhand vintage treasures, mixing it all up to create her very own and uniquely cool style. Thanks for sharing your world with me guys!

Every year Danish Red Cross creates a schoolbook available nationwide, focussed on global issues like surviving a natural disaster, what is it like to be a refugee ect. - but through the eyes of children! It’s a really great concept. I’ve been shooting the magazine for three years now, and this year with a focus on sustainability and fashion we got to wear out big boys clothes and fancy lights :) 


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