Danmarks Akvarium, Charlottenlund

by Kasper Nybo Photography for Sploosh.dk


Some places hold a certain type of magic. Less because they are particularly beautiful or ugly, more because they seem to act as time capsules giving us instant access to long lost memories of childhood adventures, people or events.

The former Danmarks Akvarium (National Aquarium of Denmark) is one of those places. Opening its doors in 1939, it’s been standing in the woods of Charlottenlund, just north of Copenhagen, for more than 70 years.

It was a place you would come with your grandparents. Probably you would be just big enough to feel very big, but still small enough to hold hands when the darkness became scary. The smells ranged from a mixture of over fried cafeteria food to a salty smell of oceans and worlds far away. The dimly lit rooms would merge the borders between this world and the underwater worlds behind the glass. Strange looking creatures would stare at you and you would stare back – if you dared!

It was an institution that was always there. Until one day it was not. Old, smelly and dreamy, made way to new, bigger and better when in 2012, 73 years after its original opening, the aquarium moved to new facilities. The fish were moved and the tanks emptied. The sounds of people, water, pumps, excitement and boredom quickly faded, as the long corridors were left to themselves. Nobody really seemed to know how to transform a building so specialized into anything else than a now very empty aquarium. And so the building just stood there, lost in the woods – and in time.


In early 2013 Sploosh by Kasper Nybo Photography was invited inside to explore the emptiness that rule the halls now. 

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