by Kasper Nybo Photography


Suburbs have their own very unique language. Without words they speak loudly about themselves, their time and their story.
And yet between the walls everything is quiet.
Very quiet.
As if life itself has been pushed away to make room for straight lines, fences and gates.
But in the silence and haunting emptiness, the buildings seem undecided about the fate of this deserted space between them.

“What can be said of us?” – they ask.
“What can be said of this emptiness between us?”
“Are we merely containers of shattered destinies – inheritors of misfortune?.”
“Or are we” – one particularly grey building suggests – “a blank canvas – the foundation of infinite possibilities?!.”
The others look – in silence – before they quickly close their shutters…

Images by Kasper Nybo Photography. We work in the no-man’s land between narrative observation and visual storytelling, capturing authenticity and creating no-nonsense visual communication. We believe in the power of originality and honest stories across our line of work in editorial, commercial, artistic and humanitarian photography. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you deliver stronger stories! For bookings or questions click above. If you want to read more about us, click right here.