Entangled We Are - Europe Divided

Fine-art series by Kasper Nybo Photography.


These images were created for a French/Danish art exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. They explore the increasing complexity of western society, with polarities living side by side in the same cities and the same streets. All images were produced over the course of 8 days in November 2012 during a long series of walks through the streets of Paris. Shooting was done day and night, under and above ground, on the boulevards and in the gutter. The subjects are isolated, captured on the distressed stage of the streets, one fate unaware of the next, one path crossing another. In a maze of entangled journeys each subject is frozen in its own frame.

The series is a preview of a planned project focussed on documenting the current social challenges in Europe, resulting in the rapid growth of the “new-poor” class. Further funding will determine the longer term future of this project. All images are sold unframed and benefits will go directly into the support of the continued humanitarian work of Kasper Nybo Photography. Get in touch here for further info on print options.

 Homeless under the bridges of Paris, France
 Hidden behind bushes and trees, this house has been standing for 6 years on the edgde of the le Peripherique, Paris, France.
 Meters away from eight lanes of traffic, and more than one million cars rushing by daily, this man has been living in his makeshift tent for more than 5 years, Paris, France.
 Hardened by the street and plagued by infections in his leg, this man stresses that life is still better here in Paris, France, then when he lived in Romania.
 Lovers kiss under the bridges of Paris, France
 A man passes by cafe La Favorite, Paris, France
 A man passes the illuminated Eiffel Tower at night, Paris, France
 A waiter in the Restaurant Georges, atop Centre Pompidou, is preparing for the evening. Paris, France.

Images by Kasper Nybo Photography. We work in the no-man’s land between narrative observation and visual storytelling, capturing authenticity and creating no-nonsense visual communication. We believe in the power of originality and honest stories across our line of work in editorial, commercial, artistic and humanitarian photography. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you deliver stronger stories! For bookings or questions click above. If you want to read more about us, click right here.