About Kasper Nybo Photography

Kasper Nybo is a documentary photographer and visual artist. He is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, living with his wife and two sons of 4 and 9 years. He is commissioned in Denmark and globally by organisations in need of communicating delicate subjects. 

Kasper’s work springs from his skill of quickly creating close ties of trust and confidentiality with his main characters. Through this space of trust he finds his way to the authentic and open human being he is portraying.

His clients are editorial, humanitarian and social organizations as well as gorvernment bodies and private fine-art collectors. Red Cross, UNICEF and The World Bank are among some of the organisations using his photography to appeal to audiences and to help achieve their goals.

Kasper made his first moves into creating visual communication as a graphic designer. After more than a decade-long record of success and renown in this field he changed his tools in 2010 and became fully absorbed in storytelling through documentary photography.

Award-winning photographers like Sebastian Liste (Spain), Alixandra Fazzina (UK) and Zoriah Miller (US) have been mentors of Kasper, shaping and pushing his skills in the creation of strong and honest feature stories. Kasper's formal training includes Danish Institute of Graphic Arts (DK), Danish School of Media & Journalism (DK), NOOR Images (NL) and World Press Photo (NL).


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